John Dowland (1563-1626):

Fine Knacks for Ladies
Come again
His golden locks time hath to silver turn'd
Sleep wayward thoughts
Come heavy sleep
Cleare or cloudie sweet as April showring

(Dowland forts.)

Now, o now I needs must part
What if I never speede
The King of Denmark His Galiard
Rest a while cruel cares
A shepheard in a shade
Say love if ever thou didst find

G.Ph.Telemann (1681-1767):


Renaissanceflöten (Kynseker), Hörprobe

Biagio Marini (1594-1663): Gagliarda (Sopranflöte)
Tomaso Cecchino (1580-1644): Sonata seconda (Tenorflöte)

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